Removal of soil and debris

Rook offer the very latest technology in suction excavators, our machines have been specifically designed to work in urban and suburban areas predominantly working with the utility and construction industry, although this versatile equipment can be used for many day to day tasks.

Having used this technology for a number years, we are able to ensure instant operability and fast vacuum excavation without the risk of affecting or damaging any unforeseen utilities. Use of vacuum excavation also reduces environmental impact by overcoming possible damage to tree roots, as the suction excavator clears past these without any damage. The suction excavator works in a similar way to a cyclonic cleaner, but with a far greater suction capability. The high negative pressure air current removes all materials through a suction nozzle using a flexible arm attachment fixed to the back of the excavator.

suction2 suction1

Suction Excavator

Uses include

  • Removal of contaminated soil.
  • Underground construction services.
  • Debris clearance.
  • Emergency clearance of oil contamination.
  • Clearing of drains and galleys.


Advantages of Suction Excavation

  • Faster and more efficient excavation compared to traditional open cut methods.
  • Increased operational safety.
  • Reduced excavation sizes and subsequent cost savings.
  • No mains or cable shut off required whilst excavating.
  • Approved for use on contaminated ground.
  • Approved for use when laying pipes and cables through existing infrastructure.