Out with the Old, In with the New

Our no-dig pipe replacement methods are quicker, cheaper and cause far less disruption than traditional open trenching methods. The significant reduction in excavation required reduces the environmental impact of the re-installation process.

We own both hydraulic and pneumatic systems and offer a complete pipe bursting and installation service. The process is ideal for urban applications where existing pipelines need replacing as it:

  • Can be employed beneath buildings, Roads, Pavements, rivers or bridges.
  • Requires minimum set-up time and reduces the excavation required delivering major cost savings.
  • Guarantees a minimal impact upon traffic and the local community.
  • Ensures simultaneous installation of a new pipe with bursting process.

Our system is particularly suited to a like for like pipe replacement program, but where ground conditions permit it can also be used to upsize the facility. In such an event the financial savings are even greater.

The process involves drawing the bursting head through the old pipe, which it shatters into small pieces. These are then displaced by and expanded into the surrounding strata. The replacement pipe is simultaneously towed into the new void as an integral part of the process.

If ground conditions are poor we are able to improve structural stability by using bentonite/concrete slurries to surround the new pipe and consolidate its position.


pipeBursting2Summary of Pipe Bursting Advantages

  • Suitable for a large range of pipe diameters.
  • Replacement pipes can be equal or larger than original pipe diameter.
  • Equipment is simple to set-up with trained operators.
  • Can be used on water, sewerage and gas pipes.
  • Process can be applied to a wide range of pipe materials e.g. Clay, cast iron, plastic, mild steel, concrete and asbestos.

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