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What's involved?

We take the waste heat from certain parts of the NG network (Mainly transformers) and convert this into a sustainable source of office heating and hot water using a certain type of Air Source Heat Pump, a Ground Source Heat Pump and a patented method of transporting the energy.

We can deliver the heating/hot water system up to 1000m away from the waste energy source bringing endless possibilities in regards to communal heating solutions. The Fuel Poverty statistics recently published by the ONC bring even more relevance to the importance of our system.

For any Developer/Bid Manager/Asset manager looking to reduce running costs or project Whole Life Costs, while at the same time being socially and environmentally responsible, then the RSL Energy from Recycled Waste Heat is the only place they need to look.

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Electric supply is a multi billion pound industry, both in the UK and around the world. It is not only the cost of installation of cables, but also the removal of redundant cable, which requires huge investment. Currently there is no incentive for the industry to try and reclaim these redundant cables and their potential value. It not just the cost factor which deters National Gird from undertaking these projects, but it is the combination of the environmental impact, health and safety implications and the significant local disruption which deters their removal.

Our Approach

Rook Services Ltd has developed a technique which reclaims the redundant value from these assets, i.e. the copper core. We have also investigated the potential for the creation of a new stream of revenue from the redundant asset and Rook Services has achieved this with minimal cost, environmental impact and health and safely implication by using trenchless technology.

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