New pipe and cable installations

Impact Moling was developed more than twenty years ago for new pipe and cable installations. Avoiding the need to excavate open trenches it reduces cost, noise and disruption. Operated by compressed air the impact moling hammers drive through the ground creating a void into which a new pipe, or cable is installed. Rook successfully impact mole beneath roads, railways, motorways and properties without adverse effects.

The system can be used for all types of pipes and cables up to and including 150mm diameter. Since its development it has been used for a multitude of applications around the world including water, gas, electricity, cable TV and fiber optic installations.

The installation process is characterized by:

  • Lower costs.
  • Faster installation.
  • Less disruption of traffic and local population.
  • Fewer environmental repercussions.

Pits are required at 50m intervals along the line of the facility to be installed. And the hammer head is launched from one to another. The self-propelled moling head travels horizontally and draws itself forward as the void is created, when larger stones are encountered they are shattered with a chiseling action as the head moves forward.

A starting cradle ensures like a jack-hammer. The reciprocating head shatters stones safe and accurate launching and other obstacles in its course. The standard multi-cutter of the hammer every time.       Head design suits all compressible soils.

Summary of Impact Moling Advantages:

Suitable for all sod conditions, except rock.

Rapid set up. Impact Moling and simultaneous.

Limited excavation required. This saves time. Cost and reduces disruption.

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