Geothermal Radial Drilling

Rook Services innovative, compact and robust system is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. The system uses compactly installed ground source heat collectors coupled to a ground source heat pump, which then connects to your existing heating system, replacing your conventional boiler.

The demand for ground source heat pump systems (GSHP) has been driven by the sharp rise in energy prices with the market for these installations growing significantly (up to 28.000 for 2010). GRD systems avoid the drawbacks of the two commonly available systems.

Horizontal collectors

Require significant land areas.

Costly disruption to established landscaped areas.

Vertical Systems

Require large drilling rigs to reach depths of around 100m. Site access limitations associated with employed equipment.

By employing Rook Services our clients enjoy a one stop shop, avoiding the potential pitfalls associated with engaging the services of separate trade professionals such as M and E designer, plumber, electrician, geologist, drilling and grouting company.

Rook Services offer tailored packages including: Geological Interpretation.

Sap assessment calculations to determine your current energy usage. Ground radar based site suitability investigation.

System design and proposal documentation.

Installation of the bore holes and heat source collectors.

Connection into your existing heating system.

Configuration of heat pump specifically designed for your needs. Final commissioning and system testing.

The rig we use is designed to operate in restricted sites as it drills radially from a shallow pre-installed chamber. Due to its flexible operating characteristics, drill angles between 35 and 65 degrees can be achieved-making use of your available space. This means the system can be installed on smaller sites than the equivalent horizontal collector and much faster than the deeper vertical collector.