Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR1GPR is one of our main services and if you are looking for the best quality results then Rook is the place to go because we do not miss anything.

Ground penetrating Radar emits Electromagnetic waves (EM) transmitted from an antenna which reflects on layers and objects in the ground. The reflections are received by an antenna which creates a picture of the subsurface.

Our capabilities to provide GPR surveys looking at either shallow targets using higher frequency radar above 1Ghz and deeper targets utilizing lower frequency radar Sub 100mhz.

Rook Services have a vast experience undertaking various types of surveys from utility location surveys through the more obscure badger surveys

Rook can provide a complete GPR service which Includes:

  • Initial consultation and on-site discussion if required.
  • Impartial and best practice advice on best practice for your project
  • Site reconnaissance and mark out services.
  • GPR based trial holes, delivering overview of site
  • Full utility location, detection and verification
  • Mass array GPR for post processing
  • Utility mapping with GPS, GNSS location services
  • Presentation of all of the findings into CAD presented 1:500 or 1:2500
  • Integration into BIM


GPR2Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Application Utility Location, detection and Mapping

Underground Tank Location

Concrete surveys

Rebar surveys

Bridge Surveys

Environmental Surveys

Cemetery mapping

Go ahead and get started.