Installation of water, gas pipes and cables

Rook services has specialized in directional drilling for the underground installation of gas, Water pipes and cables for over ten years. The drill produces a pilot bore from which it increases in diameter to the size required.

We use a combination of rotation and thrust to produce a straight horizontal bore, whilst a predetermined curve is achieved by hydraulic thrust only.

To monitor the location of the drilling head we use a transmitter which provides data on position, depth and roll/pitch enabling precise control to be maintained. As the head moves forward through the ground additional drill stems are added, maintaining forward progress.

As the head arrives in the receiving pit the drill head is replaced with an enlarging back reamer which, when towed back through the pilot bore increases the diameter to allow the simultaneous installation of a new PE or PVC pipe attached directly to the expander.


Summary of Directional Drilling Advantages:

  • Applicable for pipe installations up to 350mm diameter.
  • Maximum length of individual bores 300m.
  • Minimal set up time contributes to high productivity.
  • Time and cost savings on excavation and reinstatement.
  • Corners up to 42m radius can be achieved.