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Cardiff East

Rook Services has installed a 2 25KW ASHP’s which is a heat recovery system designed by Rook. In the substation you have transformers enclosed in brick, this is to reduce the noise they make so not to bother people around it, however inside these brick enclosures it gets very hot and all that heat is just wasted thrown out into the air.

Rook Services system will take the heat out of this brick enclosure and pump it into the building on site giving the building heat, this new system will reduce national girds carbon footprint and save them money at the same time.

Overall the new heat recovery system in Cardif Subsation will provide space and hot water heating for the building on site and it will pay for its self in 6 years.

Short Details

  • Installed 2 25kW ASHPs near to transformer cooling bank to increase the air inlet temperatures
  • 500Ltr buffer tank
  • 10kW PV system
  • Utilised MLCP piework throughout
  • Combination of jaga strada and Brise radiators @45/38°C
  • Payback 6 years